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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  July 13, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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tonight the tragic story of a young man who tried to escape the streets and a san francisco group dedicated to stopping youth violence that is mourning one of its own. >> feel people. >> he was a graduate of a group in the mission district. he was preparing to start college. instead he was gunned down on monday night. live, this is kron 4 news at 11:00. young man with plans to go to college, the people who knew him say he was doing everything right. he was shot and killed on webster street in san francisco
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on monday night. we spoke to his mentors. >> reporter: she started coming here since the 8 grade. he was bright, caring and a role model. shawn wilson was finding his own path. spent 5 years in the program, making a positive impact on the students. he wanted to go to college and they gave him a scholarship to pursue his dreams. >> dedicated, interested in supporting himself and pursuing education. really dedicated his time to doing that. >> reporter: he was shot in the head. family members are mourning and his grandfather said he wasn't involved in gangs. police haven't made any arrested in the homicide. kron 4 news. new details tonight in to the failure of the state and
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patrol and federal patrol systems in monitoring phillip garrido. last night we showed you video that they madoff young children. tonight kron 4's dan kerman looks at document that show case the mistakes. >> reporter: in addition to the video of a patrol agent touring the home and missing jaycee dugard who was held in the backyard and the other video showing them filming young children, the district attorney released numerous documents showing how the system failed when it came to protecting society from phillip garrido. first they released a map shows jaycee dugard was phillip garrido's fifth victim. after his conviction in 1977 he writes this letter saying in all respects my life has changed. i am ashamed of my past.
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this evaluation concludes phillip garrido has progressed well in treatment. prognosis for successful transition to the community is considered very good. this 1988 document from the state of nevada says phillip garrido is not a menace to the health, safety and morals of society. that same year they grant him parole saying it would not jeopardize the public welfare. once on parole one of his previous victims spots him and suggested he get electronic monitoring but they write that it would be too much of a hassle. in 1991 the parole officer writes this is a strange couple, i have an uneasy feeling with this guy. fourth months later they scratch jaycee dugard off the
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street. the district attorney decided to release these videos and documents to show everything that went wrong with the supervision of phillip garrido when he was on parole. the district attorney is expected to talk more about this at a public meeting next month. dan kerman kron 4 news. teenager was remembered during a special gathering tonight in santa rosa. authorities believe that takeimi rao may have died from drinking too much alcohol during a slumber party. kron 4's reggie reggie kumar tells us her friends say she was smart and popular. >> friends and teachers remember takeimi rao at the middle school. counselors were on hand to help students. takeimi rao just graduated from the eight grade and was going to high school. many wrote about how special
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she was. this message said you are an nice girl. jenny was her history teacher. >> bright, bubbly, smiling. always a girl. it was difficult today because it's like so many memories of her being so open and honest. respectful student. great girl. one of my favorites. >> whenever you have a student, this is my fourth year coming up, it's like losing a child. i am not a mom myself, so i could only imagine. >> reporter: katelyn and amber had sleep overs with her all the time. >> was it shocking? >> didn't sound like her at all. that's not the person we 82. >> you make mistakes. but a mistake isn't supposed to kill you. it's part of growing up. . >> she would never do anything
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to hurt herself. she loved everyone. >> reporter: everyone here at the middle school plan to go to her memorial service on friday. investigators are waiting to find out if she died from alcohol poisoning. it's unclear if her parents will be charged. reggie kumar, kron 4 news. a teen accused of killing a baby says he is not guilty. this is izack jesus jimenez garcia. he was shot and killed last month when his family let a baby shower. his mother tried to save him but she could not. jr stone was at the courthouse and spoke with his mother. >> for the first time ivonne garcia lopez is walking on her own. >> i am healing better. thank you. >> reporter: she was leaving a baby shower in june when two
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gunman ambursed her family. her baby was killed. she was shot. alang with the baby's father. the shooter is fabian zaragoza who pled not guilty on thursday. fabian zaragoza's attorney has plenty of words. not guilty. >> we received no information at all that establishes that fabian zaragoza fired the gun that killed the child. >> reporter: after the shooting shell casings were found scattered on this street. fabian zaragoza's defense? >> no finger print evidence that indianaicated he was that scene. was not aware that a shot was fired. he stood up to eight hours of police interrogation, young man and denied being the person. >> he is not commenting on the case but family members say
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their only hope is that justice be serve. some call this a case of mistaken identity. saying he was beat up and looking to get revenge on gang member whose he thought was in the car. his attorney only said his client didn't fire a gun. jr stone, kron 4 news. a shocking new study reveals san francisco's turk street between mason and taylor has more violent crime per captor than any other study. the study was released today. it found during the 160 days there were 248 crimes on that one block. that means the first lock has 35 times more violent crimes per 1,000 residents than the
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rest of the city. our cool winds remain in tact and temperatures today were definitely on the cooler side. 78 in san francisco. 62 in oakland. 72 concord. 69 in san jose. temperatures were all over the place in terms of being up and down over the past 24 hours. two degrees cooler that coast. three in napa. and two degrees warmer in san jose. high temperatures tomorrow very similar. i will tell you about when we will see a change in just a bit. we will be back after this.
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. in news around the way a wattser rescue after a 17-year- old girl got caught in a rip current. the girl and two otherrers were rescued and brought to shore. she was airlifted to the hospital and in critical
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condition. oakland's park way movie theater could be reopening if an agreement is reached by friday, that's the deadline to reach a leasegreement with the owner. it has been vacant since 2009. a sticking point in the negotiations has been control over the renovation process. the reopening would help revitalize the community on the south east side of lake merit. university of california students are gearing up for a fight over tuition hikes. this was the scene today as employees protested. a student protest is planned for tomorrow. where the u.s. board will vote on a 10% fee headache. leaders say increases are necessary because of a loss in funding. we will be back. more news after the break.
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a frustrated president obama reportedly walked out of a white house meeting with leaders tonight on raising the debt ceiling. the president said, quote, enough is enough. we have to be willing to compromise. ittient be about politics and i will see you tomorrow. new evidence as a deadline for dealing with the debt ceiling draws closer republicans and democrats are getting farther apart. >> reporter: the head hof house finance committee talking to the head of the federal reserve bank. he said america's inability to pay its foreign creditors -- shock waves. sky high interest rates. putting college educations beyond the reach of millions of americans. >> like if you had a car and
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you took all of the oil out, that's the equivalent of the financial system. >> reporter: the predictions failed to to sway republicans like michele bachmann. >> people across america are saying the spending is what has to be addressed. >> democrats say spending cuts can't close the budget gab and the deficit was created by republicans. when ronald reagan took office in 1981 the u.s. was only $74 billion in debt. his tax cuts doubled that. by the time pic pic was president the numbers doubled ago. george w. bush took that surplus and slashed taxes again. the result was a half a trillion dollars debt and while
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the u.s. added 3 million jobs during during the bush administration the number was 7 times higher under bill clinton. new pressure from wall street. they threatened to down grade the credit rating. 17 people are dead and 100 and 31 others injured in mumbai, india after blasts in three separate neighborhoods in a terror attack. the bombs were not remotely triggered. there are no leads as to who was behind the attacks and there were no warnings. fog filling in long the bay shores and tomorrow, dense fog and drizzle to start the day. temperatures in the 50s. patchy fog lingering
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. all right. good evening, everybody. baseball off. giants back to work tomorrow. a's on friday. trying to rest from the all- star game and spending a few private moments. look at that guy. tuxedo tonight at the awards show. put beards on kids.
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whole show. give them credit. if you want people to look at you, it's working. it's working and the host worked him right in. >> welcome all of you. the miliums watching from inside brian wilson's beard. -- millions watching from inside brian wilson's beard. you look like a vien from a movie. some pitchers have goatees, brian wilson has an entire ghost. looks like your beard is wearing a fake beard. >> giants in san diego tomorrow night. u.s.a. women's soccer. france in the match. lauren cheney gets a foot on a pass. and it's 1-0 united states. 79th minute, abby wambach,
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score tide 1-1. 2-1. and alex morgan, one more time, the u.s. in the world cup finals for the first time since they won back in 1999. u.s.a. versus japan sunday morning, 11:00 our time for the woman's world cup. have you ever seen a goalie score? here it is. earthquakes had an exhibition last night. and david bingham 90 feet. you don't see it very well because the camera man had an off night. earthquakes won's the goalie going tend to end. the nfl labor talks are in the home stretch. peyton manning, and drew brees says it's time to end this thing. the players and owners, lawyers
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are putting together language. james harrison took on roger goodell. he said if that man was on fire and i had to urinate to put him out i wouldn't do it. i hate him. i will never respect him. 11 stages down that tour de france. wet weather the story. 103-mile stage into the mountains. mark claimed his 18th stour stage win, crossing the line 3 hours 46 minutes. tomas retains the yellow jersey one more day. i saw a thing tonight on hbo, curt flood, the guy who said i want to be treated like a piece of meat, hbo had a wonderful
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story about him. he was married to judy, i recommend that. almost as good as kron 4 news in prime time. okay. good night everybody.
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